"Love the support that is given to all of the women." -Tracy (Facebook review)

"This is an amazing and friendly gym I’m a younger woman at the gym and everyone is very nice and in the classes the teachers and people talk to u and u get to know most people in you class Rachel is amazing and will get to know everyone and talk to everyone highly recommend" -Sammie (Facebook review)

"Love the staff, atmosphere, and free weights for a costs you can’t beat!" -Taylor (Google review)

"Awesome gym! Highly recommend!" -Carolyn (Facebook review)

"At blush I can confidently work out with the encouragement of other women! I love the yoga classes with Sarah." -Mariah (Google review)

"I have been a member of BLUSH for almost a year now. Definitely the best gym out there! ladies, if you're looking for a place to feel accepted, encouraged and empowered join BLUSH you wont be disappointed.



CLASSES= A+" -Trisha (Yelp review)

"I love BLUSH! Because of the size and the fact that it is WOMEN ONLY, this gym feels like a tight-knit community with ladies that truly care about you. There are TONS of fitness classes offered and almost always someone in the office if you have a question or concern. Plus it’s open 24/7! I highly recommend this gym for any woman looking to get fit in a non-intimidating and supportive environment." -Holly (Google review)

"The gym's owners really do an incredible job of ensuring that their members are satisfied.  All you have to do is reach out to them with any concerns." -Susie (Yelp review)

"Blush is so awesome! I have enjoyed the classes so much. The teachers are really great and helpful! It’s so nice to be at a place where it’s all women. It makes for a more comfortable workout!" -Jolie (Facebook review)

"I love blush fitness. It's a very comfortable place because it's just for women and everything there is amazing." -Naci (Facebook review)

"I love this gym! What an amazing concept to have a gym just for women! The staff is friendly, great equipment (though there are a few pieces of equipment I wish they had) overall I have a great experience every time. Thank you Blush fitness!" -Suzy (Yelp review)

"Great atmosphere to learn and thrive In! The no boys allowed policy is actually more comforting than I thought, I don't want to workout with boys anymore now!" -Alicia (Yelp review)

"I love the idea that it’s a women’s only fitness place. The personal trainers are awesome too. I do not feel intimidated at BLUSH FITNESS" -Michele (Facebook review)

"I'm loving this gym so far! I've only been a member for a couple of months, but the classes, trainers, and gym itself are all very welcoming. The fact that the gym is all women is nice too." -Katie (Google review)

"Been a member for over a month now and loving this place! I was referred to this gym by my relative and it's great! Super relaxed environment and way more affordable than some of the other high end gyms. My kid loves the playroom so it's a win-win for me!" -Saleha (Yelp review)

"Blush Fitness is great. The trainers are all very knowledgeable, the gym is very clean, and the classes are fun and inviting. They even have a new app out that suggest workouts anyone’s can do." -Amber (Google review)

"Everything about Blush Fitness is so warm and welcoming. The classes are awesome and accomodate all fitness levels. I also really appreciate the variety of workout equipment." -Sarah (Facebook review)

"I absolutely love this gym. It is such a peaceful and positive atmosphere to be apart of!" -Brandi (Facebook review)

"I LOVE THIS GYM. Blush has all of the weight and cardio machines you could need, they offer several classes and trainers as well! I love that they’re open 24/7 so I can go in the early AM before work or late at night! Very very veryyyyyy affordable and amazing staff! I can’t imagine going to any other gym now!" -Hannah (Facebook raseview)

"I have been a member since April and love it! The group classes are wonderful and the instructors very helpful and friendly." -Jenny (Facebook review)

"I LOVE being a Blush Fitness member!! The group classes are awesome, you have 24/7 access to work out whenever you want, and they offer childcare!! It’s affordable and women only!! This is more than I’ve ever hoped for in a gym!! ?" -Cara (Facebook review)