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Heart rate monitoring system

Heart Rate

Get into the BLUSH Zone today! Understanding where your heart rate needs to be is the first step to ensuring that you’re going to have the most effective and efficient workout. You will get a BLUSH heart rate monitor to wear and when you walk in the club, our system will pick it up and showcase your heart rate inbox with your name and zone color onto a nearby TV. This way, you can make sure that you’re getting in the BLUSH Zone and having the best workout possible!

All of your progress will be tracked for you and you’ll have access to view it on the BLUSH FITNESS APP. You’ll be able to see all of your calories and heart rate zones for the week, the month, a headboard in comparison with the rest of the club and you’ll receive your stats via email after every workout. Please see the image.

We will have monthly challenges based on the heart rate zones and calories! We’ll give away prizes, free months, free PT, and more! Get in the BLUSH Zone today!

Heart Rate Guide