Invigorating Group Classes

All BLUSH members have access to ALL of our group fitness classes at no extra charge. Come on down and enjoy our three beautiful studios—which features gray maple hardwood and raw cork flooring-- Our classes are designed for women only as well as configured to obtain ANY fitness level. Our full-service, ladies-only gym is located in Overland Park, Kansas.

Group of Women Sitting Down

Women On a Thigh Master


Enjoy 60 minutes of fun and challenging cardiovascular exercise. Listen to upbeat music as you take on this exciting and high-intensity class.

Soul Cycle 

60 minutes of inspirational music, coaching and being a rock star! Be ready to do more than just SPIN!


Our Pumps training features 60 minutes of lightweight, high-rep weight training. Helping to boost your metabolism for up to three days, this is an intense, satisfying workout. Nothing good comes easy!

Step & Sculpt

Our step class uses light weights to target your whole body in a fun, exciting, high calorie-burning setting. You don't want to miss this one!

Hot Yoga

Detox your body while loosening your muscles for deeper stretching. We have 60 and 90-minute yoga classes, conducted at 90 degrees with increased humidity. We recommend you bring water and a towel. Mats will also be sold for your convenience.


Relax your mind with 60 minutes of balance, strength, and flexibility. Yoga offers excellent opportunities to train your body.

Hot Yoga Sculpt

Experience 60 minutes of yoga that incorporates barre exercises and hand weights. This is a great mixture of many different aspects of fitness.

Hot Power Yoga

60 minutes of Yoga with a little more intensity than hot yoga! Come ready to sweat, work and relax your mind!


Barre is a unique way to exercise, while working with balance.  This high-rep of small range-of-motion movements will leave you feeling like a different woman! 

Hot Barre 

Enjoy 60 minutes of barre workouts with the heat turned up! Feel your flexibility and muscles relax to capture maximum reach in your workout.


For 60 minutes, you can dance like it's 1999! This workout is the perfect way to have a good time with your girlfriends while also working your body.

Dance Fitness

This one-of-a-kind class infuses pop music into the fitness routine. You'll feel energized and pumped after this invigorating class.

Women Lifting Weights in a Fitness Class

Boot Camp

Our boot camp targets your whole body. The class lasts 60 minutes, after which you will be excited about how far you can push yourself.

Core to Floor

This 30-minute workout specifically targets your core and legs. Enjoy this intense, straight-to-the-point workout. Don't waste time—get down to burning calories for half an hour straight.

Work It!

Work It! is a fun and exciting workout routine that combines cardio and toning into one! This is excellent for all levels, especially beginners.  Join us and Work It!

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Burn more fat in less time! This class features 60-minute bursts of maximum effort followed by short, active rest periods.

Cardio Kickboxing

Try our cardio kickboxing class, which involves a 60-minute combination of martial arts techniques and fast-paced cardio. Punch and kick the day away! And yes, we HIT!

FastFit Express

Get fit on your lunch hour with this energizing workout! Build cardiovascular endurance and sculpt your body with this 30 minute express class!