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BLUSH Training is small group training and is designed to burn maximum calories while using a combination of cardio and weight training. Get your best BLUSH with BLUSH Training!"

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BLUSH is dedicated to creating an empowering experience for women who are ready to make a change. We offer a variety of exercise options, ensuring that you are able to accomplish ANY fitness goal that you may have. BLUSH is the only, full size health club in Kansas City that is designed for women.  We offer everything from free weights, cardio machines, weight machines, battle ropes, kettlebells, full locker room, babysitting, 40 plus group fitness classes a week and more! Contact us today, and join our community of stronger, happier and healthier women. We are located in Overland Park, Kansas.

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Kelly and Max

Max and Kelly Gellert are the owners of BLUSH FITNESS and they have dedicated their lives to making BLUSH FITNESS a facility where all women can feel empowered and comfortable.  Max and Kelly are working night and day to make BLUSH FITNESS the best experience possible to everyone who becomes a part of the BLUSH FITNESS community. 

Kelly is a Kansas City native, growing up in Olathe and going to school locally.  She majored in fashion and pursued her degree in many areas of business.  Another aspect in her life that she has a major in is a major sweet tooth. ;) 

Max is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  He was an athlete playing mainly football and basketball.  After experiencing some serious injuries, he developed an understanding for fitness and his passion for it grew every day! He now loves helping and inspiring people through fitness. 

Max and Kelly have two beautiful little girls, Betty June and Dolly Blue.  Betty and Dolly inspire Max and Kelly every day to be the best people they can be. After having children, they realized even more how important it is to implement fitness into their lifesylte, to not only have more energy, but to deal with the stress of the little ones.  

Whether you're a fitness veteran or you're just starting out, you are welcomed here. 

We promise that if you give us your best effort, we'll give you a stronger, happier and healthier version of yourself at BLUSH FITNESS .  

Come BLUSH with US! 


Prior to BLUSH FITNESS, Max and Kelly owned another gym where they both worked. Max was the club manager/personal trainer and Kelly dealt with all the back-end work. During their time owning this club, Max started noticing a trend with his female clients. What Max noticed was that his female clients were completely comfortable performing exercises within certain areas of the club during their personal training sessions. However, when they would come in on their own, they would not be comfortable. The clients that were not training 3-4 times a week with Max weren't getting the results they deserved because of how they felt exercising in those areas without him. Wanting to understand this issue, Max asked, "Why?," and he always got the same response. A lot of the responses were that they didn't feel comfortable working out in male-dominated gyms. They felt like they were being stared at and they couldn't completely focus on themselves with this anxiety. Max and Kelly decided that wasn't fair and women are missing out on living a healthier and happier lifestyle because of this. There had to be a way for these women to get the comfortability they deserved without sacrificing their fitness goals. After months of trying to figure out a solution, BLUSH FITNESS was born.

7204 W 119th Street, Overland Park, KS 66213

Service Area
Overland Park, KS

Hours of Operation
24/7 Access

(913) 291-0685

Staffed Hours
Monday — Thursday, 9 a.m.- 1p.m & 3 p.m.- 7 p.m.
Friday — 9 a.m.-noon
Saturday — 8:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
Sunday — By Appointment Only

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